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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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out? >> the groundhog? >> phil? >> what's he going to say today. >> katie, were you saying last week hopefully he won't see his shadow because of the system moving through? >> that's what i am banking on, think about it, if phil fill doesn't see his shadow it means early spring. so let's take the storm as a trade off. am i right? anybody else? >> that will work, that will work. >> so i'm not alone there. you know we dot to take the issues where they come along with the weather definitely one out there this morning as we take this live look out on "skycam 3", you should be able to see the top of the skyscrapers, very difficult with low-lying cloud cover. we can throw the current conditions at the airport over top, modest breeze right now that will change, and nice high humidity as makes sense since you have a lot of moisture to work w temperatures still somewhat marginal with freeze being soaker we we want you to exercise caution, slow it down, there is at least back edge to that moisture, here, noticeable on storm scan, but it continues to fill in with more and more moisture. so we may end up with most of the morning drive here stuck with the precipitation. meanwhile, just in, winds advisories, this is new have actually just taken effect
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here for delaware and southwestern new jersey, eventually, they take effect, as the wind starts to crank. meantime the light wind means that that low-lying cloud cover is settling in, and it is either at or near a mile or under visibility, and in a couple of locations, so watch for that issue, as women. around the region we go, temperatures, real gig to run the carpet. anywhere from below freezing, at best, for daytime highs in the poconos to flirting with 50 down the shore. that essentially means, you are going to be dealing with a broad and vast look of different conditions, as the day goes on, now there is storm is going to be pulling away, and by later tonight, we start to see temperatures crash. so by tomorrow, as we only top off into the 20's, we have to worry about re-freeze taking effect but at least for the here and now still slowed down just by the fact that you've got precipitation falling from the sky. over you. >> seeing little bit of everything, low visibility with fog some slushy roadways, and the rain causing problems, a lot of hydroplaning and seeing some accident, even in jersey, not even seeing the snow.
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but up in norristown, 202 northbound at main street, traffic light malfunction if you are familiar with the area see the train tracks there, by the mcdonald's, even when things are moving smoothly, bad intersection if you know the area, but again do you have use common sense right here with the traffic lights out, could be a little bit after mess, so keep this to in mind moving through the norristown area. vehicle fire again westbound route 422 still have police activity there good news westbound, pretty light as far as the volume guess. stacking up, though, eastbound, we will take you to the bridges, and again talking about speed restriction on all area bridges, and major highways, down to 25-mile per hour restrictions for the benjamin franklin bridge, betsy ross, walt whitman at 35, burlington bristol open expecting talcony palmyra to open in about an hour. accident in woodlands at 563 near white horse road. no delays with mass transit. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you. slip and slide, that could describe the morning commute. >> oh, ya. pennsylvania governor tom wolf
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says be extra careful if you have to drive. penndot also adds stay home if you can. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins just exton chester county check on the roads up there. good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, raining here now in exton, chester county, but just because it is raining doesn't mean that the roads have gotten the all clear. not at all. they are completely slush think morning and that's because any snow that fell overnight, we did get at least a inch here, that is now soaked up all of the moisture that's falling and completely covered the roads. now, with slush. you can see some tire tracks in the roads here, this morning. we are coming to you live just outside of the exton square mall. now i have seen quite a few salt trucks on the roads, not employing in this area, not a plowable snow. but they are throwing down whole lot of salt. penndot for the 11th time this season has more than 300 trucks on the roads either salting or plowing and the far northern suburbs they will get plowable snow we're told, south and east, just salting operation. so you want to build in extra time as you head out the door this morning, you are going
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need it, very slippery conditions and as i talk to overnight workers near this area as they head hope, they say they were afraid whatever they were going to get into, but pleasantly pleased by what this has turned out this morning. take a listen. >> considering about an hour after a got here, i looked out and saw snow coming down, i was like they said it would rain on us. i don't like this white stuff. so long as i'm not dealing with ice, i'm happier with rain. >> but definitely still just because we are dealing with ice, we not out of the woods. take a look at what the grounds looks like here in the parking lot. look at all of the moisture. now that this snow has melted, a messy messy messy commute ahead every you. so just build in some extra time. live here in exton, chester county, jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thanks so many. now we head over to bucks count i am. justin finch in buckingham township with the conditions. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, ukee, and erika. we show you the ground here,
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bag g lot area. you see about an inch of ice accumulation here on the roads. that is what you are dealing with out along the streets i walk you over here now to durham, and york roads out here, not much traffic out there, but as you can see the same slushy conditions out along the street. of course, late last night the snow began coming in. turning the sleet and freezing rainout here in bucks county. those made for treacherous and trying conditions out along the streets out here, we spoke to drivers who say it is not too bad but they do say when headed out to give yourself some extra time. >> i got up extra early. for people driving out there today, a lot of slush rain, take your time, and be safer. get to work in one piece. >> now, out there on the roads, right now we have seen several plows and salting trucks going out here making regular rounds in this area. so expect those out on the roads this morning as you make your way out to work and
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school. there are some school closings and delays going on here in bucks county. so again before you get up, make your way out into the street, go ahead and check and see what your school or workplace is doing in terms of opening. because there might and closing or delay. we are live in buckingham township justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, justin we'll get back to you. >> just our luck, groundhog day today. looking live right now from punxsutawney jefferson county, courtesy of the satellite news service. gathered at gobblers knob to see if punxsutawney phil fill will see his shadow. if he does it is six more weeks every winter. if not though, and i'm putting my money on this, really hoping it, means early spring. >> we've got some clouds up there, turnoff all the tv lights, he won't see authoring. >> i'm with you, let's hope. you can stay one step ahead of the snow and the rain with the cbs well. weather labment you can track live radar get text alerts sends us your storm pictures from there too. available right now on itunes
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and google play. >> some breaking news to tell but right now. bail is denied for the suspected gunman arraigned overnight in the bus stop murder of kim jones. philadelphia police are expected to hold news conference later today to discuss rhawn dove sander's arrest. kim jones was shot execution style while waiting for a bus on 12th and jefferson january 13th. police sources tell "eyewitness news", sanders worked with the 56 year old social worker, at turning points for children. flew this morning, two year old girl in stable condition after police say she fell out after two story window. it happened around 12:30 this morning, on the 2100 block of gratz street, in north philly. emergency crews say the toddler was conscious and alert after the fall. investigators are now looking into the incident, there is no word if any charges will be filed. happening today, new jersey governor chris christie's trip to london includes a visit with the bright i shall prime minister david cameron, part of three
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day trade mission doubles as a chance to build foreign policy experience if he wants to run for president. the governor will also meet with the us ambassador to britain. superbowl 49 takes its place as one of the most thrilling ever and the patriots win it with a kyle back. seattle fans were cheering jermaine curse made this bobble fumbling catch late in the game. it is a catch t look like the seahawks would regain the lead after losing ten-point lead. but two plays later ya, the paths malcolm butler picks offer the seahawks russell wilson at the goal line. paths win 28-24. tom brady and bill belichick win their fourth superbowl. brady named the mvp for the third time. >> and patriots fans hit the streets of boston to celebrate the big win celebrations relatively calm with fans marching around. done that, but not causing many boston police tweeted they did not arrest any fans overnight. sleep, that's an upside. they're used to these games
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now winning. >> used to parades and wing championships. >> i would love that feeling. >> soon, soon. >> 6:08. inch nature escapes from berks county prison. what you need to know to help police track him down. coming up. >> and the mobile weather lab is checking out the conditions on the roadways for this morning, a mix of snow, and rain is making for a rather tricky commute out there. katie has your forecast whether we come back. >> ♪ ♪ judge i a door playing this song on ground host day every morning same song. from punxsutawney, pennsylvania, phil will be looking for hills shadow in a little over an hour. we'll go there for you to see what he sees. >> come on spring. >> ♪ ♪ you are i got you babe ♪ ♪
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>> working our way to 6:13, traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> we take a look at storm scan3, depending on where your travels take you, you will find either wet conditions, mix of slush, slop maybe some icy conditions or just snow. than will generally be the theme from south to north in that order. but, unless, there is a back edge to this. some drier air trying to nudge in or at least a lull, a break in the action, trying to nudge its way in here. so future weather i think shows it pretty well. we take you forward in time. tail end of the typical morning rush, still have lingering rain showers maybe even still some sleet or snow off to the north, will still be the lingering batch of moisture that's got to work its way out completely before
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we can say we're in the clear. it won't happen until this evening. once does, see winds advisories take effect for the southern tear of our area, clearing sky temperatures that start to come crashing down. so black ice ends up being the issue tomorrow morning despite full sunshine, huge rebounds, i mean, going on whole roller coaster here for the next couple every days, back to the 40's wednesday back to the 30's thursday, and along with that we have also at least the potential for some more snow, so we will get to that down the road here, but i'm going to send things out to carol erickson, once again live for us with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab carol, i happen to hear your mike check, would you mind giving rouse repeat performance of your beautiful singing voice? >> sure, i got no problem this hour of the morning, i got you babe. sonny and cher song, that's what they get. >> careful what -- >> thanks for sharing carol. >> i just might be likely to singing t ♪ ♪ walk with me ♪ ♪ talk with me ♪ ♪ (laughing).
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>> thank you! >> oh, it was beautiful, it was beautiful. i loved it. >> all right thank you yes i know, i quite enjoyed it myself. on route 100 northbound. we are headed into the boyertown gilbertsville area on our way to allentown, good news, temperatures coming up a little bit as we head, areas to the south but as we are heading to the north now mobile weather lab says 32 degrees, when you actually do the observation out at the airport in allentown right now, their last owns, was 34 degrees. you can find cooling going on, still, areas to the north really need to pay a lot of attention, treated roads, you can see ahead of me, people just flying along like it is nothing. hydroplaning possible, i don't care if it is eight a degrees, you can hydroplane, and we have areas when you get off these major roads that you could be doing some slipping and sliding we found
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the olds philadelphia pike through douglas township very slushy and icy. trying to keep even the shoulder clear had enough time to do, that rain helped little bit. but temperatures at 32 degrees, we have to be extremely careful but just know that ♪ ♪ i got you babe ♪ ♪ justin? >> i love it yes she does, great carol erickson. love you too. a lot of rain, it is causing problems, so not just icy conditions, but traffic light malfunction, this is 202 northbound, on main street, norristown again by the mcdonald's', there seat train tracks, so use common sense coming through here. rough intersection, look at that wow. take it easy, again hopefully they get that fixed soon. ben franklin bridge, inbound volume starting to stack up, at least we're moving, but speed restrictions on area bridges, down to 25 miles per
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hour for the ben franklin bridge, betsy ross, walt whitman is 35 miles per hour, and we are scheduled for the tac-pal bridge to open at 6:45. and other speed restrictions across the region down into delaware around wilmington, 495, normally 56 miles per hour, down to 55 this hour. do have an accident in woodlands, route 563 as a vehicle ran into a pole near white horse road. keep that in mind. could be some slow downs there, into cherry hill, we have transformer fire at route 70 between brace road and i-295. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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most areas the snow has wimped over to rain now, but the roads could be a little slick out there as well. just a heads up. katie has your forecast, justin checking the roads, we will de traffic and weather together on the 3's coming up in just a little bit. now, the same system we are dealing with blanketed the midwest with about a foot of snow. more than 1600 flights have been cancelled out every both of chicago's airports, now the weather also led to power outages, affecting thousands of customers blowing drifting snow, making treacherous travel in the eastern nebraska, several sectioning every interstate 80 had to be shutdown. >> now, the bad weather has also delayed the murder trial of former new england patriots
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star aaron hernandez in massachusetts. witness testimony is expected to resume on tuesday when the murder victim's girlfriends returns to the witness stands. hernandez is accused of orchestrating the june 2013 shooting death of owed end lloyd. two alleged co-son spur tours being tried separately. >> also, police in mt. holly new jersey have charged this man, dennis, with the murder of his girlfriends, and her father. he's being held on 1 million-dollar bail. fifty-two year old ryan wilson and his 24 year old daughter, nicole, were found dead inside the home they shared with the suspect. police say they were killed sometime between friday night and early saturday morning. the medical examiner ruled the father and daughter were bludgoned to death. police say false knee aquas found with several self inflicted cuts. essay waiting a pschiatric evaluation. and, escaped inmate from berks county correctional facility continues to he will leud police this morning. pennsylvania state police say john diven pulled fire alarm
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inside the warners ville community corrections center early sun dank morning they add he headed towards a red car. he had originally been arrested for driving under the influence. your time now 21:00 whitney houston's daughter remains hospitalized after being discovered face-down in a bathtub. we'll have more details on her condition whether we come back. >> also, the measles outbreak continues to grow at alarming rate. now, we ' learning about a case in delaware. >> and make sure you leave few minutes early this morning and please pack your patience, wet roads making for slower commute. trafficking on the other side. be right back.
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>> some folks seeing rain, some seeing snow. >> really just on the cusp, actually very good way to explain, and just graphical
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form, the fact that we are on the rain-snow line, by looking at the winter alerts, winner storm warnings through new england, the shaded pink area, and the cut off with winter weather advisory happens here. so, true sign that we are starting to see things sort of, you know, get milder time. right now, it is mainly rain, but still finding snow, sleet in those north most count ills. justin? >> all right, good morning katie. that's right only takes little bit of rain to cause some problems on the area roads. we have vehicle fire, this is 422 westbound, at route 29, you can see the wegmans there in the backgrounds so this may slow things up little bit westbound. but it is really eastbound that's where we are seeing the volume. headed to new jersey being looking at the 42 freeway stack up little bit there. heading in toward the city, at least moving with mainly wet roads. speed restrictions, on all major roadways, highways, and bridges, no reports on mass transit. yet. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you jd. sixers play the cavaliers tonight in cleveland. now the calves are winners of ten straight labron scored 36 points in their last win over
6:25 am
the timber wolves. all right, you got beast mode in the backfield russell wilson, good running quarterback, why did seattle pass the ball? a question a loft folks are asking after heart stopping finish to superbowl 49. sports director beasley reese wraps up the game that went down to the very last minute. >> superbowl 49 battle of two dominant teams seattle trying to become the first team to repeat as champions in a decade. bill belichick and tom brady going for their fourth superbowl championship. here we go, patriots tail by ten going into the fourth quarterment tom brady hit julian, with the about two minutes left in the game. took the lead, 28-24. seattle needed a touchdown and russell wilson, with the pass to germinators comes up with the miracle incredible catch from his pants to his hands, 5 yards to go, for the touchdown. but instead they try to throw it and it is intercepted. tom brady could not believe
6:26 am
it. twenty-five seconds left seattle's at the one and you just can't believe that they made that decision on the ball. so new england wins their fourth superbowl 28-24 is the final. >> there is no -- the preparation, it all comes to preparation. i just new doing a big thing just made to play in. >> unbelievable play by malcolm, i saw the interception, i couldn't believe it. and just incredible play. and championship play, a loft guys made them, a lot of guys just did some great stuff out there. >> tom brady named the game's mvp, winning his fourth superbowl, tying him with terry bradshaw and joe montana for the most superbowl wins all time for a quarterback. aim beasley reese, let's go back to the studio. >> the national broadcast will be playing brady jumping up and down. >> no kidding all day. >> all right eagles, ota's
6:27 am
are coming up. it is our turn. superbowl 50. >> come on on cbs too that's right under the gym. let's g coming up in the in the next half hour, measles alert to tell you b the outbreak continues to grow, and now the state of delaware has its first confirmed case since 2012. jan? >> well, just raining right now, here in exton, chester county, but the roads are mighty slick. and a lot of clean up is still underway. we will take a live look straight ahead. >> jan thanks. also katie has your forecast, justin has his eye on the roads whether we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. back in two minutes. introducing longhorns bold flavors, bold price for $12.99. the fire grilled triple bacon sirloin. or the garlic provolone sirloin. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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snow, rain, icy roads, and ponding, it is really just a mixed bag as you head out on the roads this morning so make sure to give yourself extra time to get where you are head the. storm scan3 shows the rain, wintery mix moving through the area. and, pinata of wintery weather we have here. you don't know what you're going to find when typically things in the pin at a, fun though no one wants to be dealing with what we've got going on today. >> we need to you help us get through is it. >> one thing good, well defined back edge to this, so only matter of time. >> this will be with us all day, but there will be a loft different variables, that are noticeable, to some, and not to others, and --
6:31 am
>> let's get to it. >> exactly. lot of details to cover here. so we start things offer by take you out to the live network, a look from palmyra cove nature park typically you would finds center city skyline well off in the distance, this i wanted to show you because the visibility so poor, low-lying clouds, lot of moisture, and you can see in the last three hour loop, how there is almost this effect of more moisture picking up with time, and almost helping to create even more rain that's been pushing over the area in the last couple of hours. far north obviously still snow and sleet. but i want you to watch out for that slush. if you had some snow, chances are, you have got slush or standing water out there and so for the morning drive while it is a very just classic variety pack, you are going to be slowed down for whatever reason. so, just give yourself the extra time, use the caution. you will hear us preach that home all day here today. 36 degrees meanwhile the current temperature at the airport, by comparison, look at dover, flirting with 50 already. by comparison, though, you got to knock 20 plus degrees off
6:32 am
up in the poconos so it is definitely a changing and ever changing situation depending where your travels are taking you, and the further north you go, the more ice or snow you'll finds, further south more of rain situation. but as the day goes on, skies will gradually start to clear, the winds really starts to kick in, and then temperatures later tonight, have a chance to just crash. justin, over to you. >> good morning, katie. certainly not good news for a hard freeze tonight. could be icy spots later tonight through tomorrow morning. but, the damage is done this morning. either it is slushy conditions north of the city or just some steadier rain in south jersey. it is causing problems on all area roadways, check it out we head to up norristown, where we do have some traffic light malfunction, some good news here, see, a police directing traffic finally so that is much better, safer condition up there this is main street, through norristown, if you are familiar with that intersection, so at least some improvement there with police directing traffic. but, we'll head into 422 westbound, and we do still
6:33 am
have that vehicle fire with police activity near the wegmans, again, this is slowing things down little bit. we do have speed restrictions on the area bridges 25 miles per hour for the ben franklin, betsy ross, 35 on the ben franklin bridge as well. accident route 563 near white horse road, so problems even in mt. laurel where we have transformer fire. no reports of problems on mass transit, airport looks good. we send it back over to ukee. >> thanks so much, man. roads turn to slush after snow turns to rain in some of the western suburbs. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf says be careful on the roads today. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in exton, chester count way look at things there good morning! >> erika ukee, good morning. still raining here in exton chester county, been raining all morning long our trip here, wasn't too bad. the highways are just really wet, some ponding issues, yes but doesn't look like the back roads and the side streets that's where you will see the most problems. we're coming to you live, just outside the exton square mall
6:34 am
area. you can see, the street is slush-covered. that's because whatever snow fell overnight is now saturated with all of the rain that's now falling. if you take a look at the video, see the private employers out here earlier in the morning clearing offer the parking lot. they told me they were surprised they had to be called in to this area, it was just enough to give them toking do. meantime penndot crews are also ready also prepared, also out on the roads. this is the 11th time more than 300 trucks have been called in to deal with this storm. they've been pre-treating the roads ever since last week actually when those snow squawls moved through. they put down the salt, the brine, that's helping out in preparation for this storm. i was able to speak to couple of people who work overnight. they say they were surprised by how little we got but they're very happy about that. take a listen. >> no rush. take it slow. take the time. it is not bad yet. so i'm sure we have some things in store for us yet. >> i think everyone has their fingers crossed this season
6:35 am
that we're not really going to be standing in feet of snow, like we were this time last year. but definately just because you see rain, doesn't mean we're all clear on the roads build in some extra time. it is mighty slippery, especially, on those back streets. reporting live in exton, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> fingers, toast, everything crossed, i'm telling you. >> thanks, jan appreciate t storm coverage continues right now, we head over to bucks count. >> i that's "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch standing by. justin, good morning! >> good morning speak to go drivers here all morning their stories pretty much consistent, streets out here are slick and surprising, and taking a look back here, you can kind of see why. you will see layer of slush here on the roads here, that rain still coming down, happen towards the end oint section of durham, york, see the ponding. see the splash? that's what drivers are dealing with out here this morning. there are several plows making the rounds on the county and
6:36 am
state roads out here, your side streets are a bit more questionable at this hour, but we will be cleared shortly we're told, now, did i talk to a couple, on their way up for long drive this morning. they say it is kinds of tricky out here, and best advice, is to take it easy. take a listening! >> if it gets colder it will freeze over and we'll seymour dank that we with can see. >> looking live, perhaps see the plow making its way through the roads probably hear and see not much to plow out here at this time. but, still, they're plowing and salting, to keep the roads passable for drivers this morning. there are a few school closing and delays. we are live in buckingham
6:37 am
township, bucks county, justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. well, today is the day. >> yep. >> groundhog day, the big question will punxsutawney phil fill see his shadow? we'll finds out in the next hour. looking live right now at gobbler knob in jefferson county thanks, guys, from the satellite service. if phil fill sees his shadow, here's how it goes, six more weeks every winter. if not though, we get early spring. than just sounds fantastic. >> getting started. the national anthem is underway. won't be long now. delaware is reporting its first case of measles in three years. it is a woman in her 20's, from new castle county. infected college student boards dollars amtrak train in new york, came back, with the infection from travel abroad. delaware's division of public health says the woman was not vaccinated against measles.
6:38 am
>> some, if you're not vaccinated, near somebody who is contagious, you have 90% chance of becoming infected. >> and delaware health officials also say the woman's case is not related to the outbreak traced to disney lands in california. president obama sending congress a 4 trillion-dollar spending plan. it includes $478 billion for highway, bridge, and transit upgrades. the president also wants to raise taxes, on wealthier americans, corporations, and then use the money to provide low and middle class tax breaks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning whitney houston's daughter fighting for her life after she is found face down in a bathtub. we have the very latest on her condition and a request from her father, bobby brown. >> plus, well, some of them made us laugh others pulled at our heart strings, but they all had us talking. taking a look at the superbowl commercials that are trending this morning, which was your favorite. let ukee and me know on social
6:39 am
media. >> ♪ ♪. slow ride ♪ ♪ take it easy ♪ ♪ >> ♪? some areas, rain in others. slow your ride, slow your roll. we'll be right back. good morning family, see you in a bit. >> ♪ ♪
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it may and good time to fill up on window-washer fluid if you are running low. "kyw news radio" reporter, jim melwert, streaming live pictures for us from the pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery count i mourn on the road conditions there, good morning. >> such a good day to crawl back under the blankets, just colds, wet miserable monday morning. the roads though, really just wet here, this rain continues to fall, and that's affecting visibility. you will see slush cover inch plus of snow or slush. some of the turn lanes, you really got to be careful making turns, for example horsham road, the 611 that was a little or county line road, some of the turn lanes, can be a little tricky. for the most pardon, roads are
6:43 am
wet. definitely though will slow you down headed out this morning. >> jim, we appreciate the the insight and the live look. thanks buddy we'll get back to you. let's check in now with katie for update on your forecast. >> yes, guys we continue to check in with the weather watcher network. they've been critical. had effort changing conditions, generally right now, all reporting mid 30's across most of the board. with the temperature values, we do want to take you out to storm scan, you can see we start today see the snow-rain line, really lift off to the north, still seeing some additional rounds of precipitation forming on the
6:44 am
back edge, but little bit after lull that's trying to work its way in, as well. storm warnings in the pink winter weather advisory in the purple. those will be advisories specifically go out of effect as every 10:00 a.m. later tonight, skies clear that wind is cranking anything left on the gown, moisture wise, will refreeze. easily when down teens, and despite full sun tomorrow, re may have black ice issue on our hands. justin, over to you. >> hang on, await your turn, we send it on out to meteorologist, carol erickson, sorry, justin, out with the mobile weather lab. hi, carol. >> justin can just wait his turn! we are out here, in emmaus right now, head through lehigh county and you can see that the roads do not look as good here, as they did elsewhere, though, last people to see temperatures getting slightly above freezing out through this area to the north of philadelphia, notice, what we see off to the side. we've got some plowed trains the plows are up, though, i think they could probably be doing some work on the roads because they are slush-covered. in a lot of locations, up route 100, just from where we have come. so this is an area where we are still un the winter storm warning, and that's until 1:00 this afternoon. i think if the wind don't pick up and dry things off a lot
6:45 am
before this flash freeze could be possibly happening later on today, this could be a real mess out here, by the time you get through evening commute nighttime commute and first part of tomorrow. it is groundhog day really seems like groundhog day since we went through similar thing as we went through last week and now if the groundhog does not see his shadow well, he shouldn't see his shadow, there is absolutely no light out here. maybe there is affix going on out in punxsutawney, but i think no shadow is supposed to equal early spring. but, i don't know. the spring couldn't come soon enough! for a loft us. and now justin, because you waited so patiently we head back to the studio, find out how the other roads are. >> thank you carol do. have some but carol in emmaus, good bakery, the emmaus bakery on the main street. bring us back some backed guides, cookies and donuts, we'll take that. check this out, this is not a good scene. fifty-nine southbound between cottman and academy where we have a pick-up truck in to a road crew truck.
6:46 am
>> that was the valley forge road approaching 422 looks like we lost that there. there is an accident there as well. looking at 59 between cottman and and ac mid area bridges again speed restriction on all of them do now have closure this is northeast extension between 663, quakertown lehigh valley alternate route 309. also, continued accident between quakertown and lehigh valley, so play safe headed up the northeast extension, new jersey transit running on 15 minute delays. that's the latest from the roads. we send it back to ukee. >> jd, thank for the heads un. daughter every latest when any houston and singer bobby brown reportedly remains hospitalized in bad shape they say after she was found face down in a bathtub over the weekends. police say the 21 year old us
6:47 am
a husband was performing cpr on her when authorities arrived at their georgia home saturday. shoe is he reportedly on a sends late or to help her breathe. her mother whitney houston fawn about three years ago the over of the grammy's in los angeles found dead in a bathtub. bobby brown please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give me daughter the love and support she needs at this time. >> for some folks they tune in just for the commercialsment reporter andrew expense war look at some of the ads that you may have missed! >> this commercial in particular focusing on dads, declaring what makes a man strong is her showing that he cares. >> as with this ad featuring some high-powered nissan's, and sentimental re on you ooh union between father and son.
6:48 am
bmw reached back in 1994 for few laughs. >> allison, can you explain what internet is? >> two concerning? >> fiat went continue rent route, featuring a little blue pill, in the company's bigger more powerful cross over. >> things got even sillier from there superbowl spots from dorito's, from mercedes. >> other adds on star power to get people's attention. >> no need to re-invent the wheel in universal superbowl spots. the tees ahead to several upcoming movie sequels. mobile games had couple of commercials, as well there is one getting the movie treatment from actor liam nissan. >> ♪ ♪ >> the average 30 seconds spot sent companies back four and a half million dollars this year. commissioning its own app during the game, and taking on serious tone, the nfl rana psa
6:49 am
as part of its no more initiative against domestic violence. >> do you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you are unable to talk because -- >> right right. >> andrew spencer, cbs 3 "eyewitness news" . >> katie roaring in riding a giant robotic tiger stunned audience was several eye popping illusions some special guests popped out to very special appearances matt rapper missy elliot worked the stages with a few of her throw backs, and then, right with her, lenny kravitz, amped up his version of terry's brake out hit i kissed a girl. quite the show. >> great slow. i wasn't into the shark dance. >> i was a shark fan, there we go. >> can't please everyone. >> that's true.
6:50 am
>> right now, 49:00. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning, charlie roads up in new york with a preview, good morning! >> hey, good morning ukee and erika, ahead patriots return to glory. we will talk to the game's hero, welcome back malcolm butler about last minute fly seal the victory plus scoring last night's hits and misses, breaks down the good, the bad and the surprising superbowl commercials. and this, new guidelines on sleep. first on cbs this morning doctor holly phillips joins us to reveal the age specific recommendations for how much sleep you need and didn't get last night. >> i should take some notes on, that appreciate it. >> be well. >> all right. >> arraignment overnight, 56 year olds kim jones shot and killed at north philadelphia bus stop last month.
6:51 am
ran cover sounds ers arrested without bail. he is a co-worker every jones. >> two year old girl recovering after falling from second story window along grass street in north philadelphia. that young girl is expected to be okay. live look, a lot of conditions out there. katie has your forecast coming up on the other side. >> first, here's what's coming up tonight on evening prime time viewing on cbs-3. be right back.
6:52 am
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i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you!
6:54 am
>> here's traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, erika. well, the storm system definitely still bringing an ever-changing kind of a morning for you, depending on where your travels take you you may find something totally different than your neighbor. but, little further off to the southwest, there is a brief break that's taking place here, in this storm. we'll need the entire system to clear obviously before we can say we're done, but may start to catch a little lull
6:55 am
in an hour or two. that said, winds advisories eventually go into effect as every noon as the win shift more west to northwesterly and we are going to eventually end up with some very cold air. taking the place of what is currently mild enough air for us to see a lot of rain overtaking storm scan3. soy, just expect regardless of precipitation type that you will get slowed down today. justin? >> all right, good morning katie. yes, a loft problems out there even with just plane rain. this is 202 at welsh rd. westbound, we do have an accident, that's causing some problems, and a little bit after gaper delay. and we'll head up to valley forge road, at 422. where we also have another accident to talk about, this is taking out looks like, the two far right lanes so do you have divert around that accident. that's going to slow things down. slow on the bridges, we have speed restrictions, benjamin franklin bridge, betsy ross at 25 miles per hour, and 35-mile per hour restriction on the walt whitman bridge. northbound extension between quakertown and lehigh valley, is closed, and new jersey
6:56 am
transit reporting 15 minute delays. ukee, back over to you. >> thanks so much. let's take a trip up the way and get one more look at punks town. >> i oh, yes. it is groundhog day today. a crowd of has packed the gobbler's knob right there wait to go see if phil fill will or will not see his shadow. again, a live picture, you got the top hats out everyone dressed un, again courtesy of the pennsylvania satellite news service thanks, guys. at sunrise in about a half hour, or so, we will learn as phil says six more weeks every winter or an early spring. flip over to the ww -- "cw philly" in a couple every minute at 7:00 to watch it life with us. they've been up all night dancing, having fun. >> look at them, getting jiggy with it up there. >> oh, you know? >> getting kind of craze. >> i katie how accurate is phil, do you have any identify me? >> oh, come on. >> silly question. >> how accurate? >> doesn't matter. >> let's just put it that way. >> were they doing katie perry? >> not sure, they were having some fun. >> getting his jig on.
6:57 am
hey, coming up on sister station "cw philly" eye on the storm system coverage continues. little bit of everything causing big roads to be little met i -- mess think morning slushy wet and there are some slick spots out there. so take your time. stay tuned for more of our reporters across the area on the "cw philly". you can get the "cw philly" channel 13, 811 also verizon channels or on rc. keeping it live. keeping it local on the "cw" trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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it is monday february 2nd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a controversial play call hands new england another super bowl title. we'll talk to the undrafted rookie who became the patriots' hero. >> millions are waking up to heavy snow and freezing rain. we're live in the hardest hit areas. plus a utah woman goes into labor while driving in the fast lane. you'll hear from the 911 operator who helped deliver the baby. but we begin this morning's "eye opener" with your world in 90 seconds.


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